Hawaiian orchids have long been revered for their exceptional quality and lasting beauty and they make the perfect anytime gift. Our exotic orchid plants are grown in Hawaii under natural conditions so you can be sure your orchid plant will thrive in normal household conditions. Choose from Dendrobium, Oncidium or Phalaenopsis orchid plants.*


Orchid Aloha Gift Packs consist of Hawaiian quilt print cellophane wrapped pots; ribbon, personalized gift card and a care of plant card. The unique style and design of the Hawaiian quilts were inspired by their natural surroundings. Many of the patterns are those of nature.



Colmanara 'Wild Cat'




Dendrobium, Oncidium or Phalaenopsis orchids require little maintenance and are very easy to care for. These plants prefer filtered light, humid and warm conditions. Normal room temperature is ideal for these plants; however, because of their hardiness, plants are able to withstand short exposures to temperatures as low as 45 degrees F and as high as 95 degrees F. These potted orchids should be watered two times per week and not allowed to stand in water. With tender loving care, these plants can last for years, blooming again and again.


Dendrobium orchids: The dendrobium orchid has symbolized love, tenderness, joy and friendship for centuries. As the quintessential flower of the tropics, the dendrobium orchid's delicate beauty enhances occasions from the everyday to the extravagant. Click here to see samples of the Dendrobium Orchid Aloha Gift Pack.

Oncidium Orchids: Often called 'Hula Girls' orchid, choose from the vibrant yellow 'Popcorn Orchid' or the deep red and white 'Sherry Baby' with its chocolate/vanilla scent. These orchids are a most elegant tribute to the image of Hawaii as paradise. Click here to see a sample of the Popcorn Orchid Aloha Gift Pack. Click here to see a sample of the Sherry Baby Aloha Gift Pack.

Phalaenopsis Orchids: This regal appearing orchid makes a class statement! Commonly called the 'Moth Orchid' due to its large flat white petals, blooms are produced on an arching spray lasting up to 6 weeks.


* Flower sizes and colors may vary according to seasonal availability.

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