MONSTERA (Monstera deliciosa)

Monstera are known for their large glossy striking green leaves which are broad, heart-shaped, dark green, and often have several holes in the leaf blade. This vine thrives in warm, moist, partly shaded gardens here in Hawaii. It is also well known for its edible, long, cone-shaped fruits, having a flavor like a mixture of banana and pineapple. The leaves are often used in tropical flower arrangements for a beautiful layering effect

Monstera sizes:
Designer - $0.65 (up to 6" width)
Mini - $0.85 (6-10" width)
Small - $1.05 (10-16" width)
Medium - $1.25 (16-22" width)

TI LEAVES (Cordyline fruticosa)

Early Polynesians believed the ti plant had divine power. To dispel evil, fresh leaves were worn around the neck, waist, and ankles and hung around dwellings. Masses of plants were planted around homes to ward off evil and bring good fortune.

Many ancient Hawaiian uses of ti continue today. Fresh leaves are used as a wrapper for foods such as taro, pork, and fish before they are steamed or roasted in an imu. Ti leaf skirts are worn for the hula. Leaves have been used as thatch for houses, rain capes, sandals, plates, food for horses and cattle, fishnets for hukilau, whistles, and as sleds to slide down slopes. Dry leaves were fastened to fishing nets to drive fish into shallow water in hukilau fishing.

Leaves of both green ti and cultivars of other colors are regularly used in arrangements by florists and exported as cut foliage. They are also frequently packed with mixed tropical flowers.

Green - $0.50 ea.
Red - $0.60 ea.


Hala is endemic to Kauai, Hawaii and naturalized on the major Hawaiian and Pacific islands.  Hala was well appreciated by the ancient Hawaiians, who used almost every part of the plant. Floor and table mats, hats, purses, baskets and other items continued to be made today using lau hala (hala leaves). Hala provided materials for housing, clothing and textiles, food, medicine, ornament, fishing, and religious uses.

The variegated form of hala is used today as cut foliage by florists and flower arrangers.

$0.45 ea.

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